Ph.D. Katarina Luksic
Katarina Luksic

Ph.D. Katarina Lukšić

Department of Plant Sciences

2020: Ph.D.: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture, Doctoral study Agricultural Sciences. Doctoral thesis: Morphological and genetic diversity of wild grape (Vitis vinifera subsp. sylvestris Gmel Hegi) in Croatia

2014: M.Sc.: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture, Graduate study Phytomedicine. Master thesis: Control of the Western corn rootworm larvae (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera LeConte) with the new seed treatment insecticides

2012: B.Sc.: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture, Undergraduate study Plant Protection. Bachelor thesis: The number and types of scale insects on Leccino and Pendolino varieties in Metković area

Scientific and Professional Interests:

Genetic and morphological grapevine identification. Application of PCR based methods and microsatellite (SSR) markers in the identification of grapevine and detection of grapevine resistance to fungal diseases. Interest in research of the relationship between the phenotype and genotype among grapevine flower types and in grapevine response to diseases and stress conditions, such as drought.