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Ph.D. Katarina Luksic
Katarina Luksic


  • Assessment of drought tolerance of Croatian grapevine germplasm (KK., Funding: European Regional Development Fund; 2020-2023, http://tolvin.krs.hr/novosti/, ongoing project, project associate
  • Implementation of innovative ampelotechnical interventions in the vineyard for the production of high quality wines of native varieties, Funding: Split Dalmatia County; 2018 – 2020, completed project, project associate
  • Researchers’ night, Horizon 2020, Funding: Croatian Ministry of Science and Education; 2018-2019, completed project, project associate
  • The wild grape (Vitis vinifera subsp. sylvestris): a valuable source of genes for grape breeding (UIP-2014-09-9737), Funding: Croatian Science Foundation; 2015-2018., http://wigragene.krs.hr/, completed project, project associate